Sunday, September 25, 2011

The basic boule

This is my first post of many to come. I have been baking bread for the last year and a half or so. However, it has not been an every day process, more of an off and on situation. i am a full time Mechanical Engineering student and a part time worker, STILL, my week is a 60 hour week if im lucky. So when i do get to bake, it is a frantic run around. BUT, i am determined to become more patient with it. So i am going to keep a journal of my bread baking journey.

The first adventure i stumbled upon was the many various ways to steam the bread. I have heard of ways that are very interesting, including but not limited to using a steam cleaner in the oven. That one i am guilty of! haha. Theer are a variaity of other ways to steam bread. I am going to take that dive and try them all and see what ones work the best.

1 tbls kosher salt
1 tbls yeast
6.5 cups all purpose UNBLEACHED flour
3 cups of luke warm water

I mixed the yeast, salt, and water in my kitchen aid. This is a no knead recipe so it can be mixed by hand if needs be. Let the yeast proof for 5 minutes since it is not rapid rise. Once i mixed in the dry ingredients, i mixed it till all flour was Incorporated but dough was still very sticky. I poured olive oil on top of mixed dough and covered with plastic wrap for 8 hours. once risen i shaped and placed on parchment paper on a pizza peel. Once oven was preheated to 420*, i sprayed the walls of the oven with water from a spray bottle. I also sprayed the tops of the proofed dough. I then had the scunci steamer heated up and ready to go. i placed the bread on the stone, covered with a SS 14 inch bowl and sprayed the steamer under it for 15-20 seconds. Cook covered for 6 minutes. remove the bowl and spray one more time with water onto the bread. make sure its s nice mist. Baked until done. here is the finished product... PERFECT...

After the initial bake, i let them cool and then ate them up real sorts of fast. now its time to learn how to make them BIGGER!.

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  1. Next time, omit the bowl while steaming. Either remove the right-rear burner element and shoot the steam into the oven that way, or just crack the door and steam for 1 min. no more steam needed. The yeast only gets 1 jump from the steam. Further steaming only changes the crust.